Founded in 2023, Ocean Music is a nonprofit organization devoted to nurturing an inclusive community where the transformative power of music is shared and celebrated. Our mission is to champion the intrinsic value of music appreciation and education while harnessing music as a medium to address historical and contemporary social issues.

At Ocean Music, our vision is to inspire the community to embrace the richness of many cultures, and cultivate an enduring passion for music among people from different generations and diverse backgrounds.

Yang Pianist, Founder & Director
Yang Pianist, Founder & Director

Our Mission

Founder & Director

Yang Liu

Pianist Yang Liu attracts worldwide audiences with her profound musicianship and extraordinary virtuosity. “Her performance was incredibly expressive… effortlessly moving from delicate flourishes to pounding intensity…” (Toronto Star). She has performed extensively throughout the US, Europe, and China at numerous prominent venues, and has won many prestigious competitions, including the first prize at the Toronto International Piano Competition, among others. In 2022, Naxos Records released her album “Schubert: German Dances, Ländlers, and Écossaises,” and QQ Music in China released her album “Dancing on the Keys, Volume I.”

Yang Liu earned both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from The Juilliard School under the tutelage of Dr. Yoheved Kaplinsky, a Master of Musical Arts degree from Yale School of Music with Dr. Melvin Chen, and a Doctoral of Musical Arts from Peabody Institute – Johns Hopkins University with Prof. Yong Hi Moon. As a devoted educator. She is on the piano faculty at Smith College while teaching actively in the New York region. Her students have won international competitions and been accepted into top conservatories.

Yang Liu is the founder and director of the Ocean Music Foundation, a nonprofit organization devoted to nurturing an inclusive community where the transformative power of music is shared and celebrated. The 2023-2024 season features a monthly concert series in Brooklyn, New York.

What We Do

Captivating Performances

Immersive Music Education Program

A Musical Haven for Young Artists

Envisioned as a haven for young musicians, Ocean Music aims to offer a space to learn, perform, and thrive, enabling the realization of individual artistic visions. With a commitment to discovering and nurturing musical talents, the Ocean Music community offers unwavering support throughout and beyond concerts and educational programs. This empowerment fosters the growth of young musicians into accomplished artists and engaged citizens.

Our future initiatives include the Ocean Music International Competition for Young Pianists. In addition to providing invaluable opportunities for young pianists to showcase their talents and garner performance experience, it presents an educational platform for the musicians of the next generation to learn from eminent pianists and pedagogues, interact with each other, be featured in our concert series and activities, and engage with the community through outreach activities.

At Ocean Music, we curate and cultivate an array of engaging activities, unveiling the magic of music-making through lectures, discussions, master classes, and workshops. You can gain a deeper understanding of how music is created and brought to life. Your embracement of this artistic journey offers a richer connection to the music and the artists, and provides you with a holistic exploration of music and its cultural context as well as a glimpse into the music industry.

Featuring prominent and emerging musicians, our pay-what-you-wish monthly concert series galvanizes the community to explore a musical tapestry that spans time and genres, and to appreciate the diversity of cultures and people. Presenting cherished masterpieces alongside exciting new works from the Western classical tradition, to enchanting melodies from around the world, our concert series celebrates the universal language of music.

At Ocean Music, our goal is to create enriching experiences for our audiences. When you join us for our events, you will be fully immersed in the world of music. Our performers will not only present the music but also share the stories and inspirations that lie within each piece. Furthermore, our events will foster an environment where interactions are encouraged. Through post-concert discussions and informal conversations at receptions, you will have the opportunity to engage with both the performers and fellow audience members.

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